The L’il Monkeys Story

L’il Monkeys Personalized Gifts Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated company based in Port Moody, British Columbia.

Anticipating the birth of her twin daughters, Andi made them each a unique fleece baby blanket with their name sewn on. Everywhere the girls went, so did their one of a kind blankets. They were perfect for draping over the baby car seats or the stroller, and the girls loved having ‘tummy time’ on them. When people started asking where they could get a similar unique blanket for their own baby, L’il Monkeys was born!

Fast forward to today where L’il Monkeys is about to turn 19 and has made and shipped  thousands of personalized blankets all over the world!  Renowned for our signature waffle fleece that never pills even after hundreds of washes and continues to wrap you in coziness.

L’il Monkeys Personalized Gifts Inc.

The perfect gift for your loved ones – a one of a kind, keepsake blanket of their very own.

  • All blankets and letters are hand-cut
  • The colour, pattern and texture of the ribbons on the baby blankets are always different, so each blanket is unique
  • Made from our custom fabric: the softest, anti-pill waffle fleece that is available and can handle hundreds of washes and all of the love you can give it
  • Customizable with any name or phrase – uncommon or unusual spellings are welcome

Soft, cuddly blankets that are as unique as the people and pets  for whom they are intended!


Blaze and Bozton Calgary AB

Here is Blaze (3 years old) and Bozton (2 weeks) enjoying their blankets from their Uncle P.
Blaze’s lil monkey blanket goes EVERYWHERE with him including Jamaica ???? And has been washed over two hundred times, as it hits the wash at least once per week…usually more.
Hope Bozton loves his as much as Blaze does
We anticipate Blazes blanket will be heading to University with him LOL
Thanks for the great product!!

Sincerely, Gaynell



I just wanted to forward you a quick note to say Thank you. The blanket I ordered for our newest baby Radek was beautiful! I just love it. Your workmanship is beautiful. I also wanted to say thank you for another reason. I understand some friends of ours were in the midst of ordering a blanket for Radek as well and you emailed them back cancelling their order and letting them know that one had already been ordered. I feel you went above and beyond with your customer service and I am truly impressed with your business ethics. Thank you. I have already been recommending your business since our last son Tibor’s blanket arrived almost two years ago… and this experience has just solidified my recommendations of your business.

Again…. THANK YOU!

Sincerely, Sonya

Sawyer, Red Deer

This is our second blanket from Lil Monkeys and my children absolutely love them! We nicknamed them “tags” when my son first began to talk, that is what he called his blanket. And now my daughter has fallen in love with her “tags” too. Thanks Lil Monkeys, my family loves their blankets and sleeps with them every night!




Love love love your blankets! My kids love to cuddle with them!


Kara, Burnaby


I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how much I love your blankets! We recently received 2 blankets as gifts for our twin boys (Ryder & Jackson) from one of my friends. We love the blankets so much and they are on top of their car seats everywhere we go!! We will get pictures of the boys with the blankets and send them in.

My cousin just had a sweet little girl this last week and I have been searching for the perfect gift for her as on day 2 after being born it was discovered she has a very serious heart condition. On one of my walks with my boys I looked down and realized one of your blankets was the absolute perfect gift (as they are one of my favorite gifts along with the fact it’s possible to have a heart dotting the “i” in her name). She will have 3 heart surgeries before the age of 2… I hope her mom will love the blanket I put an order in for tonight as much as I love mine for my boys.

Thank you for the perfect gift for this dear sweet girl!!


Love this blanket, it’s super cute and so soft. Kara’s still pretty young right now and I think I’m more attached to this blanket than her at the moment! LOL!


Ethan, Richmond, BC

I was SO happy with the blankets that I ordered for my friend’s twins. They were thrilled with them and have received so many compliments on them! Thank you so much, they are absolutely beautiful blankets. [/testimonial]



We absolutely LOVE our blanket and we bring it with us wherever we go! So soft and warm and washed beautifully!



This is my 5 month old nephew Clayton. I purchased his Lil Monkey’s Personalized Blanket for his First Christmas. The family was thrilled! And Clayton enjoyed rolling around on it. This is my second blankey purchased and I could not be more pleased. Thanks Again and all the best for 2013!





Hudson has had this blanket for 3 years now and it goes everywhere with him. They are such wonderful blankets!! Thanks again you do such a great job.



When I received a gift certificate from my family to order a blanket for my second child I thought, “I already have so many blankets.”. Well none like this blanket. Jaxon’s blanket has gone everywhere with us!  When we had a boating accident last summer, everything on the boat went in the water. Everyone was safe and the only thing that I wanted back was the Jaxon blanket!  To my relief, the blanket washed up a few days later; I washed it and it is like new.  Jaxon has gotten so big so I’ve ordered a bigger one for him and my 8 year old daughter wants one as well!  These blankets are such treasures.


My son loved his L’il Monkey’s blanket from day one! He is now 18 months and he still sleeps with it in his crib!


I was a little behind the ball in terms of getting organized to order my personalized baby blanket for a dear friend’s baby shower. It was the the Thursday before the Thanksgiving long weekend and I placed my order on-line. I emailed to see if there was any chance I could get the blanket shipped by the following Thursday, when the shower was. As it was the long weekend, no promises could be made and it usually takes longer to ship.

I was pleasantly surprised to be informed the following Tuesday that my blanket would be arriving the next day! I could not believe how fast and excellent this service was. The blanket was stunning upon arrival and was the absolute hit of the shower!

I would recommend Lil Monkeys not only for their outstanding products, but their outstanding customer service. Thank you.

Take Care, Jen

Thank you! We love our Lil Monkeys blanket. It’s been so handy to us and so useful, I just ordered one for Zoo’s newly born cousin!

Now that she’s older, she loves ‘tummy time’ on it and doesn’t just sit on it – we use it everyday We’ll keep this awesome blanket for a long, long time I’m sure.

We also really loved that something arrived so soon in her life, personalized and especially for her. It’s such a great new baby gift.

Great job! Julie

We never go anywhere without his ‘Noah’ blanket! And it is always part of playtime 🙂


Hi andi,

Got the blanket and it’s gorgeous!!! Thank you so very much!!! My daughters eyes were wide with wonder when she opened the package and the hug I got was priceless:) she has slept with it every night so far 😉

Thanks Again…Mel

Hi Andi,

Just got Ashley’s blanket and all is well! I love it thank you! I will be ordering 2 more in the upcoming weeks, one for me other best friend and one for me. I am due end of this month. My almost 3 year old daughter Ella, is in love with her blankie and we cannot go anywhere without it. The tags on her blanket are bearly hanging on anymore from all the love she gives that blanket. That is why I continue to order them for friends and family. The quality of your blankets are amazing. And the love and comfort the blanket brings babies and toddlers is priceless.

Thanks again, Melissa

Three kids and three Lil Monkeys blankets! Well made, super cute and unbelievably cozy….a big hit in our home.

Tamara Taggart

I stumbled on Lil Monkeys about 4 years ago when looking for the perfect baby present for a client. Well, let’s just say that everyone I know, both personally and professionally, who has had a baby in the last 4 years has a personalized Lil Monkeys blanket now. I have a number of thank you cards and emails from friends, family  and clients stating “This is the BEST present we got!” and everyone, across the board, is thrilled with the product. Andi is a gem to work with, answers emails promptly and always has the right answer. I would recommend these blankets to anyone looking for a great and unique baby gift. Thanks, Andi, for making me look like a superstar.


My children adore their blankets.  My younger son in particular has a love affair going on with his–we call him Linus because he takes it with him everywhere.  If he hurts himself, it’s his blanket that comforts him the most!  Your blankets are now my standard gift for all my friend’s newborns.  We have a third child expected in May, so I’ll be ordering another one before too long!

Thanks, Emily

Hi Andi,

I just wanted to let you know that we really LOVE our blanket and our two mini teething blankets! We use them all of the time and they are the best! Danica loves to use the mini teething blankets for when we have our pretend picnics and tea parties. She uses the blanket to put her food and dishes on and she sits her stuffed animals around it. The big blanket is a great size and it’s so cozy! I have attached some pictures of Danica for your photo gallery. I have passed your name on to lots of parents and I tell them how awesome your product is. I look forward to ordering more once we have another child. Take care and best wishes!


Thank you so much Andi!!!

Alexsandra’s blanket arrived today and it’s gorgeous. She will love it!!

I’m so happy that I found your web site, my kids have “different” names (Alexsandra, Rylee, Caleb, and Grayden) and it’s so nice to have a special blanket with their names on it, and with the right spelling.

Thanks again,  Kim

Hi Andi

I received the 2 blankets today, and just wanted to thank you again!! You do such a great job!!! I will continue ordering these blankets for everyone that has kids!!! As well as gifts!  Here is a picture of my son Hudson, this blanket goes everywhere with him.

Thanks again, Nicole

This is my favourite gift for newborns!  The L’il Monkeys blanket has been a hit with parents and babies – easy to travel with, perfect for tummy time, and looks great in any nursery!  I’ve sent them to all my friends and family with babies so don’t be surprised if you see a L’il Monkeys blanket anywhere from Minnesota to Texas to New Zealand!