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Step 1 Choosing Your Blanket

  • Browse the items and packages below to find the ones you’re interested in.

Step 2 Ordering and Paying

  • Use the “Add to Cart” buttons you’ll see below. Each time you select an item, you’ll be transferred to Paypal’s site, where your shopping cart will be updated. Come back here and add the items you’d like. Also, if your baby’s name is longer than 6 letters, there is an additional charge with a maximum of 10 letters. When you’ve finished your order, you can proceed to the checkout on Paypal’s site, where shipping will automatically be added.

Original Colours listed here are still available but slowly being phased out by our new colours. Please note any changes in original colour statuses (Chocolate will be staying by popular demand)

Please note that your monitor settings, variances in fabric manufacturers’ dye lots, and other variables make accurate representations of color impossible. The colors above are only an approximation of available colors.